Golden Song Sparrow

Golden Song Sparrow

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Auripasser luteus
Natural Distribution and Habitat

Native to Africa it can be found in Ethiopia, nigeria, Yemen and Aden.

Golden song sparrows are commonly seen in cultivated area’s, villages and towns and never far from water.

Diet for Golden Song Sparrow

Seed– Supply a good quality finch mix which is essential especially if you want to breed song sparrows.  Be wary of some supermarket brands as they can contain low quality seed and filler seed.

Sprouted seed– Loved by golden song sparrows be sure to wash thoroughly with aviclens before supplying to your birds to remove any bacteria.

Millet sprays– A fresh seed still on the stem which is great for all finches

Greens– Seeding grasses

Vitamin supplement– Add via the water supply or in soaked seed only.

Live food– Such as meal worms and fly pupae very important for these insectivorous finches add some wombaroo insectivore mix

Egg and biscuit formular– Essential protein for this species of bird

Grit– Use a fine grit mix containing charcoal, crushed cuttlebone, shell and limestone.

Breeding Golden Song Sparrow

Golden song sparrows will nest in half open finch nest boxes or thickets of branches in a colony.  Different from many finches the success of breeding depends greatly on the nesting material provided.  Be sure to have a wide variety of small sticks, swamp grass,feathers and different sized grass stems for the birds to choose from.

The hen will lar around 3 spotted grey green eggs which will have an incubation period of 14 days, the young will begin to venture out of the nest when they are about 24 days old.m The parents will both continue to feed the chicks for a further 4 weeks until they learn to feed them self.

Sexing Golden Song Sparrow

Young birds are difficult to sex as they take 2 to 3 years for the male to show the full yellow plumage.  With adult birds the male will be a much brighter yellow and the female much duller.