Grenadier Weaver

Grenadier Weaver care guide

Grenadier Weaver
Grenadier Weaver

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Euplectes orix orix
Natural Distribution and Habitat

Native to Southern Africa they inhabit reeds and grasslands surrounded by marshes and waterways.

Diet for Grenadier Weavers

Seed– Feed a good quality finch mix with added linseed, oats, grey striped sunflower and rape seed.  Be wary of some supermarket seed mixes as they may have filler seed and not be of the highest quality.  If you are unsure of the seed you are feeding your weavers ask your local bird expert.

Soaked seed– Loved by weavers to sprout your own seeds see finch care page sun flower seed can be added to your sprouted seed mix.

Millet Sprays– a fresh seed still on the stem we recommend french white millet sprays for weavers.

Greens– chickweed, cucumber, seeding grasses, dandelion, flowering heads of milk thistle.

Vitamin supplement– add via the water supply only

Live food– essential for grenadier weavers supply meal worms and fly pupae with a few pinches of insectivore mix.

Egg and biscuit formula– an important source of protein for grenadier weavers this can be added to the above live food mix.

Grit– use a fine grit mix containing shell, baked egg shell, charcoal, crushed cuttlebone and limestone.

Breeding Grenadier Weaner’s

Breeding from october to march the male will start coming into colour in september.  As the name suggests these birds will weave their own nest so make sure their is plenty of branches with forks and bamboo to give them plenty of choice to start construction.  Supply plenty of nesting material such as long pieces of green grass and swamp grass.  The male will make the structure and the hen will line the nest with soft grasses and feathers.  The hen will lay  around 3 blue eggs with an incubation period of 14 days.  The young will fledge in around 3 weeks and will be fed by the parents for a further 3 weeks as the young learn to forage and crack seeds on their own.  Make sure their is plenty of live food on offer during the whole breeding process or you will likely lose young.

Sexing Grenadier Weaver’s

During the breeding season the male has bright plumage in winter time both male and female are brown and very hard to tell apart.