Sea Green Parrot Finch

Sea Green Parrot Finch 

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The sea green parrot finch is a mutation of the red face parrot finch

Diet for Sea green Parrot Finch

Seed– Always feed your parrot finches a good quality seed mix.  Be wary of some supermarket brands as they contain filler products and may not be of the best quality necessary for the health and vitality finches need for breeding.

Sprouted seed– Visit finch care page to prepare a sprouted mix this is especially important for parrot finches.

Millet sprays– a fresh seed on the stem relished by parrot finches pannicum or french white millet sprays may be offered.

Greens– Especially important for parrot finches, cucumber, seeding grasses, flowering heads of milk thistle, dandelion, chickweed, endive, silver beet,

Fruit– paw paw, fig and apple

Vitamin supplement– Necessary for optimum health of parrot finches this is added via the water supply to ensure they actually receive the vitamins.

Live food– Important especially during the breeding season this can be supplied with a few pinches of wombaroo insectivore mix.

Egg and biscuit formula– an important source of protein and should be offerent regularly especially when breeding.  This can be added with the above livefood mix.

Grit– Use a good quality finch mix which contains charcoal, crushed cuttlebone, shell, baked egg shell and limestone.


Breeding Sea green parrot finches

Visit Red faced parrot finch for breeding details.


Sexing sea Green Parrot Finches

Not the easiest of birds to sex but usually the yellow on the face will go past the eye on the cock bird and the hen will have the green  touch the eye.

It’s important to worm your birds but keep in mind this species is especially sensitive to praziquantel, so please check your worming syrup doesn’t contain this.