Hand Raised Moustache Parrot Information

Hand Raised Moustache Parrot

Moustache Parrot
Female Moustache parrot


Description of moustache parrots

A Medium sized parrot around 33 to 44 cm long when fully mature with a weight from  100 to 130 grams when fully grown. The male and the female are easily sexed when mature as they male has a red beak and the females is black.  Attractive birds with mostly green plumage with a line across the forehead with a violet blue coloration in the face.  The plumage on the upper abdomen, throat and breast is pinkish salmon in colour.



hand raised moustache parrots for sale
Hand raised baby moustache parrot’s


Diet For The Moustache Parrot

These birds look there best when they are fed on a varied diet of seed, pellets ,nuts, fresh fruit and veg such as Broccoli, spinach, carrots, sweet potato, corn, apple, rockmelon, beans, orange, strawberries and more.   Young birds should be fed an all you can eat buffet of the above foods mentioned.

Pellets recommended are Kaytee pellet’s, Vetafarm nutriblend or paradise pellets, tropimix, Roudy bush

With older mature moustache parrot’s reduce the amount of fatty food such as nuts and sun flower seeds.  I do this by having one dish of pellets and one of seed.  i do not replenish any of the seed or the pellets until they have eated all there food.  Many bird owners fall into the trap of filling up there seed every day and all they do is ignore everything else and just eat the fattiest sun flower seeds.  Be brave your bird will eat all there food when left with no choice and your bird after sometime will have shiny bright vibrant feathers and be feeling much healthier on the inside as well.


Training moustache parrot’s

Like many asiatic parrots shortly after the weaning process they can become a little feisty due to the hormones that run ramped through there bodies which in the wild would be essential to give them the edge for survival.  This won’t last long and stick to your training and you will end up with a fantastic parrot with great talking ability.


Medicating Your Moustache Parrot

If you notice your bird has diarrhoea which is bassicaly watery feacies add dome sulfa 3 of sulphadim to the drinking water.  We recommend adding this to your birds water anytime you move your bird to a new location.  This isnt so important if the bird is an adult bird as they have a fully developed immune system.


This is a mature moustache parrot



This is a baby moustache parrot notice the lack of colours.


more information coming soon.