Vetafarm Soluvet Plus

Vetafarm Soluvet PlusVetafarm Soluvet plus


Suitable for all seed fed birds. Vetafarm Soluvet Plus provides crucial nutrients, and is ideal for travelling birds. Simply add Soluvet Plus to food or water to supply all of the 13 vital vitamins that birds need to maintain vitality and stay in top form. Intelligently designed to be suitable over long periods, and for small mammals and reptiles, this is an unmissable product, easily used by adding to water or spritzing over greens or soak seeds.

Recommended for: Vetafarm Soluvet Plus is to be used where the diet is insufficient to provide enough vitamins (e.g. seed diets), salts or energy to support the bird during temperature changes, transport and show stress, during and after disease or injury. All birds when stressed will dehydrate and go into energy deficit. Attention to diet and water intake is essential for a fast recovery from these symptoms.

Also suitable for: Vetafarm Soluvet Plus can also be used as an in water vitamin supplement in all small mammals and reptiles.

Can be used with:
Vetafarm Soluvet Plus should be used in conjunction with a trace mineral supplement (e.g. Vetafarm Tracemin) and a calcium supplement (e.g. Vetafarm Calcivet or Vetafarm D’nutrical), for birds on seed diets.

Directions: Add 4 grams to 400mL of water and change water daily. Vetafarm Soluvet Plus may also be administered in food or mixed with hand rearing or force feeding formulas to boost the ability of the bird to recover from illness or trauma. Give Vetafarm Soluvet Plus until the bird recovers. There is no danger in allowing birds to have Vetafarm Soluvet Plus for extended periods.