Tropican Lifetime Formula Stick for Parrots

Tropican Lifetime Formula Sticks for Parrots is a scientifically formulated, completely balanced optimal diet for the maintenance. The sticks can be held by parrots for easy consumption.

Tropican Lifetime Formula Sticks contain a special blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that helps ensure an active, healthy life for pet birds. Formulated for maximum palatability, the sticks include natural fruit flavours such as orange and banana, natural colours such as chlorophyll green, carotenoid orange and natural tan, and 8 grains and nuts, including corn, wheat, oats, soybeans, sunflower kernels, peanuts, rice and flaxseed.

It does not contain ethoxyquin and artificial sweeteners.


Recommended for all large parrots.


Coming soon to Birdsville in 680g bages.