Tropican hand rearing formula

Tropican Hand Rearing Formula for Sale Sydney

Tropican Hand Rearing Formula is great for parrots for syringe feeding.

Parrot Breeders all over the world trust tropican.  Tropican hand feeding formula will provide precious baby birds with all the essential nutrients necessary for excellent growth and bright plumage.

Along-time favourite among aviculturists, the babyyyy food formula is now vastly improved  and now made in cananda in our montreal facility.

Benefits of Tropican Hand Rearing formula

As this product is new and improved anyone hand raising baby birds will have healthier birds than ever before.  For starters it is very easy to mix and seamlessly produces a cump free mash that makes it much easier to feed your babies.  This consistency also makes it easier for young bird digestion.

Tropican hand feeding formula Ingredients for Proper Growtth and Well-being

The baby mash is an excellend peanut derived source of fat and protein as well as a source of 8 essential grains that compliment amino acid profiles, all critical to the proper growth and nutrition of parrot chicks from hatch through to fledgling age.