Double Barred Finch Information

Double Bar 

Taeniopygia bichenovii

Natural distribution and habitat of Double Barrred finches

Native to Northern and Eastern Australia they are found on the coast of New South Wales to inland as far as the Murray river.  When I used to live in the tropical north, I would go on bird watching expedition to Davies creek close to Kuranda QLD, I would unusually see these birds on there own or in parties of two. True to finch nature every time I spotted these guys I was close to water.  They are found in scrub, open woodland and grassy plains.




Availability  and Licencing

Double Bar Finches are available most of the year around. To purchase these birds from Birdsville you must have a licence from National Parks and wildlife Service (NPWS).



Double bar finches sydney
Double barred finches foraging


Sexing Double bar finches 

The cock bird usually has a thicker barring across the chest, they are a difficult finch to sex.  Another way to sex is compare the top of the craniums of individual birds the cock birds is often wider than the hens.




Breeding Double Barred Finches

4 to 5 white eggs with an incubation period of around 13 days. The young fledged around 21 days but are not self sufficient for a further 4 weeks when they become fully weaned into seed.

They take 9 months to become sexually mature

breeding in captivity they will breed in wicker nests and finch nest boxes. They will breed all year round but not as often during the colder times of year.  Double Barred finches will quite happily breed in aviaries or breeding cabinets. Like all birds the bigger the aviary the better.



Double Barred Finches
Double Barred Finches


Diet for Double Barred Finches

Seed– A good quality seed mix is important.  Be wary of some supermarkets seed mixes as they contains filler seed and are of a low grade.  If you are unsure of the seed mix you are using ask your local bird expert.

Sprouted seeds– Always wash thoroughly with aviclens before feeding to your birds

Millet sprays– A great addition for finches millet sprays are a fresh seed attached to them stem, we have a couple of varieties at birdsville the most recommended for finches is french white millet sprays.

Grit– A good quality shell grit with limestone, charcoal and crushed egg shells, shell and crushed cuttlebone.

Egg and biscuit formula available at most pet shop’s and bird specialists

Greens– such as seeding grasses, lebanese cucumber, chickweed,  and endives.

Live food- such as meal worms, fly pupa or termites feed with some wombaroo insectivore mix

Vitamin supplement– An important addition to the health and vitality of captive finches, this should only be added via the water supply as it is wasted feeding in the seed due to the fact finches shell seed when they eat it.




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