Passwell Complete Lorikeet

Passwell Complete Lorikeet
1kg Passwell Complete Lorikeet
Passwell Complete Lorikeet
500g Passwell Complete Lorikeet

Passwell Complete Lorikeet For Sale Sydney

Passwell Complete Lorikeet is a a granular  powder  that is a  complete  balanced  diet  for pet, aviary or wild lorikeets.  The product  can be  fed dry, straight form the packet, or mixed  with the desired  quantity of  water  to product a  wet mix.  Remove soiled  or  uneaten food daily  and replace  with fresh food.

Some lorikeets will load their drinking water with dry food, so always ensure  that fresh water  is available.

Cage birds are prone to over eating, so feed according to guidelines on pack.  Offer a variety of fruits and vegetables to supplement the diet.

Wild blossoms are good, but be wary with young Lorikeets as they may contact a disease from a wild bird that has previously fed.

Why use Passwell Complete Lorikeet?

Excellent Nutrition, prepared  from ingredience high is essentialamino acids, minerals and vitamins.  Complete Lorikeet also contains essential fatty acids.  Improves health, calorie controlled feed guidelines help with weight controle.  Balanced protein content maintain good feather and body condition.

Low levels of iron and  vitamin A levels reduce the chances of your bird from getting excessive iron intake.

Optimun nutrient levels means that birds consume less than “cheap” products.

Availability and Price of Passwell Complete Lorikeet

At Birdsville 500g and 1kg packs are available, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg are available by order.  In stock all year round visit prices are the same at Birdsville for pick up as they are online

Passwell complete lorikeet Ingredients:

Ground cereals, dextrose, bread crumbs, mannan oligosaccharides, sucrose, B-glucans, lysine, whey and soy proteins, methionine, vegetable oils, omega- 3 and omega- 6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and carotenoids.


Min Crude Protein – 13%

Max Fibre – 3%

Min Crude Fat – 6%

Iron –  40mg/kg

Vitamin A – 0.3mg/kg


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