Red Wing Parrot Information

Red or CrimsonWing Parrot

Red wing Parrot
Male Red wing front and Hen behind.

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Aprosmictus erythropterus
Natural Distribution and Habitat

Native to Australia they are widely found from the Pilbera, Western Australia to Cape york peninsular, Queensland ive personally seen them in large numbers in the Northern territory and 4 hours inland from Sydney.  Their have been reports of sightings in Papua new guinea.

Diet for Red-winged Parrot

Seed-Feed your Birds a good quality small parrot seed mix if you are unsure of the seed you are using ask your local bird specialist.

Sprouted seed– Relished by all native parrots a simple cockatoo seed mix is best.

Millet sprays– a fresh millet on the stem we recommend french white.

Greens and vegetables-fresh eucalyptus branches, seeding grasses, peas, carrot and carrot tops, cabbage, endive, capsicum, alfalfa, silver beet.

Fruit– Regularly feed banana, apple, pear, orange, paw paw, berries, strawberries, stone fruit, star fruit, rockmelon.

Nuts– feed small amounts every 2 weeks peanuts and almonds.

Protein\live food– A tip i picked up in my zoo keeping days where we had these parrots breeding well, feed them some dried dog food twice a month.  Meal worms will also be eaten by many birds.

Vitamin supplements– Add Via the water supply or a regular Basis.

Grit-Use a fine quality mix with charcoal, shell, crushed cuttlebone, baked egg shell and limestone.


Breeding Red-winged Parrot’s

Sexing Red-winged Parrot’s

With adult birds the male is easily sexed as the male has the bright red crimson patch on the wings.  Young birds are very difficult to sex as they resemble the hen.