Macaws For Sale

Macaws can be lots of fun and very affectionate birds in general. Macaws are not aggresive without warning, so understanding bird body language is very important – this is the case with any parrot with a large beak.

Macaws are very intelligent and can learn to talk as early as 7 months, after they are a year oldĀ talking is usually a common occurence. In general Macaws are extremely intelligent and require a lot of attention, they are generally very social and need time allowed outside as well as plenty of toys to keep them amused and happy. This is very important as they can develop behavoural issues such as feather plucking, excessive squaking, and aggression once started it is very hard to stop.As Macaw’s are extremely intelligent it is best to have a cage with a difficult lock to open as they are well known for being able to open their cages. Macaws, particularly the larger varieties, need a large cage with minimum size of 36×26 inches and 43 inches high. They need space to be able to behave naturally with a variety of branches, swings and hanging toys, as with all parrots it’s always a good idea to put some branches in the cage with leaves a few times a week (making sure they are not poisonous). Location of the cage is also surprisingly important, Macaws will always want to be a part of the family, but you need to make sure they are not with strong drafts and sun is important but they must also be able to have shelter away from the sun.

Macaws are large birds weighing around two pounds, and they eat a large amount. Luckily there are specifically produced pellets to meet macaw dietry requirements. They also need fresh fruit and vegetables such as berries, mango, apple, papaya, citrus, figs, sweet potato, carrots, turnips, grapes and pomegranate. macaws also love nuts and seeds, but these are often high in fat so best offered as treats when training your bird and not to over do it.