Red Browed Finch

Red Browed Finch information

red browed finch fro sale sydney
red browed finch

Also known as red head, red brow, red browed fire tail , red eye browed finch.

red browed finch for sale sydney
red browed finch


Neochmia temporalis

Availability all year round.

Red browed finches require a licence from national parks and wildlife which is easily obtainable online.  They make a wonderful addition to a mixed aviary as they are not agressive.  They do well in a large aviary but are not suitable for small cage or cabinet breeding.

Natural Distribution of Red Browed Finches

Native to australia the red browed finch is found along the eastern seaboard from cape york peninsular to to south Australia.  A versatile finch found in gullies, parks, suburban gardens like all finches they are never far from water.  Ive whitnessed these finches in centenial park in the heart of sydney and also found them high up mountains deep in the rainforest in far north queensland in tiny clearings where small patches of grass are able to grow.

Sexing Red Browed Finches

Not as easy finch to sex.  I find the easiest way is to compare the thickness and length of the red brow running across the top of the eye.  The male usually has a more intense larger “red brow”  Another way with mature pairs is looking at the over all colour of the bird and the female has a slightly brownish blue grey where the male is more blue grey.  These are not as easy finch to sex.

red browed finch sydney
red browed finch

Breeding red browed finches

Red browed finches will breed from october through to april.  Red brow finches will nest in large wicker nests surrounded by bushes or in bushes themselves such as tea-tree, bottle brush or lilly pilly.

The hen will lay 4 to 6 white eggs both birds will incubate the eggs.  The eggs incubation period is around 13 days.  The young do not leave the nest for about 3 weeks. The parents will continue to feed the young for a further 2 to 3 weeks after leaving the nest as it takes the young some time to earn how to crack there own seed.


Diet for Red Browed Finches

Seed- A good quality seed mix is important to have any success with red browed finches.  Pet stores or produce stores will supply a good mix often the grade in supermarkets is of low grade.  Vitamin supplements are important i have found they are only affective if supplied in the drinking water.

Sprouted seeds– always clean thoroughly with aviclens befor feeding birds

Millet sprays–  A fresh seed still on the stem is relished by all finches we recommend of a number varieties we stock the best is french white millet sprays.

Greens– such as seeding grasses, endives, broccoli, .

Shell grit with charcoal and egg shells is important especially with breeding birds.

Live food– such as meal worms and fly pupae are consumed especially when birds are feeding young. Feed with some wombaroo insectivore mix

Grit– a good finch grit with charcoal, baked egg shell, crushed shell, crushed cuttlebone and limestone.

Vitamin supplement– There are many good vitamin supplements for birds available in Australia