Hand Raised Birds for sale currently at Birdsville

Birdsville is currently proud to stock some fantastic hand raised birds. We have recently taken delivery of the following hand raised birds for sale:

  • 3 Sun Conures
  • 1 Quaker
  • 2 Female Eclectus
  • 1 Male Eclectus
  • 1 Lutino Cockatiel, 8 weeks old
  • 2 Red Collared Lories
  • 1 Rainbow Lory
  • 1 Blue & Gold Macaw
  • 1 Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot
  • 1 Pair of Moluccan Red Lories

All of these birds for sale are from reputable breeders, are in great health and are waiting for a loving owner to come to Birdsville and take home their new feathered friend!

Visit Birdsville today and take a look!

ph. 02 96672555


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