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  1. hi birdsville

    next weekend i mit go to your breeding shop thing because i am looking to get 2 parrots can you please send me a photo or video of your shop thx
    ps i am 10

    1. Hi Katherine,

      We are still setting up our new website, some of our birds have photos at the moment and we will be adding the rest as soon as possible. Why don’t you come into our shop and have a look, we have a lot of birds and I am sure you will enjoy your trip.

  2. Our beautiful Alexandrine Parrot has escaped from his cage early Friday morning. He has a big scar on his beak and talks a lot, saying “Who’s a pretty boy, who’s a messy boy” and of course Hello. He is microchipped. Would appreciate you being on the lookout. Thank you. Telephone 0431704980

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